WIN Works for Job Seekers

WIN Job Centers provide easy access to many services in one convenient location. The WIN Job Center staff helps job seekers create or update resumes, conduct job searches, and prepare for job interviews. Staff also provide them with job training information to become more competitive in the job market. Job seekers have access to fax machines, copiers and the Internet to help with job searches.

WIN Works for Employers

WIN Job Centers offer employers free job postings, a large pool of available and skilled workers and information about and referral to on-the-job training programs that reduce the cost of training new employees. WIN also saves employers time and money by recruiting and screening new candidates for employment.

WIN Works for Communities

WIN helps laid-off workers in the community get back to work quickly by providing job search and job placement assistance and information on upgrading skills and retraining.Youth programs encourage local young people to stay in or return to school to complete their education. Plus, training information keeps job seekers of all ages and education levels up-to-date on what skills are in demand and how to access training. By putting Mississippians to work,WIN helps establish a broader tax base, which in turn grows communities. And WIN efficiently uses public resources by improving coordination among local, state and federal agencies, helping them to more effectively meet the needs of the community.

Services Available Through WIN

For Employers

  • Database of qualified workers
  • Internet access to post job listings and review resumés
  • Recruiting and screening of job candidates
  • Assistance with writing job descriptions
  • Proficiency testing for employees
  • On-the-job training information
  • Private rooms for interviews
  • Up-to-date labor market data and wage information
  • Information on Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)
  • Upcoming job fair information
  • Information on Rapid Response services
  • Forms/guidance for filing a NAFTA or Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) petition
  • Information on NAFTA and TAA benefits for employees
  • For Job Seekers

  • Customers accessing services through WIN Job Centers participate in a progression of service levels: core, intensive and training. Basic core services are available to everyone and must be utilized before customers are eligible to progress through the system. Available services include:

  • Job search and placement assistance
  • Internet access for job searches and resumé posting
  • Access to office equipment: computer, fax machine, copier
  • Resumé preparation software
  • Interview tips
  • Labor market information
  • Career assistance for ex-offenders
  • Services for veterans
  • Information on WIA's Core, Intensive and Training services
  • Information on unemployment insurance benefits
  • Career and aptitude assessment
  • Information on assistance for laid-off workers
  • Information on NAFTA/TAA benefits for employees
  • Information on and referral to training
  • Information on available math and reading assistance
  • Information on and referral to child care, transportation and other support services
  • Referral to rehabilitation services